Course Description:

This course will introduce the novice to the operation of filters (both spectrally selective and neutral density) and the operation of polarization-modifying or controlling optics. The course will use a minimum of mathematics, relying instead on providing the fundamental concepts essential to the successful understanding of these frequency-selective or polarization-selective devices. One will learn to select and implement filters, including proper treatment of fluorescence and stray beams. With regard to polarizers, one will learn the "polarization" degree of freedom of a light beam, and will learn how to use various polarization modifying elements to convert the beam's state of polarization from one form to another, and one will learn how to measure the state of polarization of a beam. Commercial providers will be identified.

Each idea is explained in clear and simple terms with an emphasis on underlying physical principles and with a minimum of mathematics. Pertinent references and review material are identified. The course notes contain copies of each vuegraph used during the day so that participants can spend a maximum amount of time listening and understanding.

This course will enable you to:

Intended Audience
Engineers, technicians, and managers who need a fundamental understanding of  filters and polarizers and their applications.

Continuing Education Units (CEU's) available upon request.

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