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Course Description:

This course will introduce lasers to those with little to no prior exposure. Since the ubiquitous laser is central to so many applications, it is critically important to understand this enabling technology. The course will utilize a minimum of mathematics, relying instead on simple pictures to explain the principles of laser action, laser modes, mode-locking, single-longitudinal mode operation (SLM), the MOPA (master-oscillator, power amplifier), Q-switched operation, etc. The first goal is to attain a greatest possible understanding of the principles of laser action, and to appreciate the unusual features of laser light, namely the potential narrow-band properties and the ability to focus a laser beam to a very small and intense spot. The various laser types will be identified, giving attendees ample opportunity to appreciate the great variety of lasers now commercially available. A brief discussion of laser safety issues will also be provided.

Each idea is explained in clear and simple terms with an emphasis on underlying physical principles and with a minimum of mathematics. Pertinent references and review material are identified. The course notes contain copies of each vuegraph used during the day so that participants can spend a maximum amount of time listening and understanding.

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Intended Audience
Engineers, scientists, technicians, and managers who need a fundamental understanding of  lasers and their applications.

Continuing Education Units (CEU's) available upon request.

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