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Course Description:

This half day-long course, presented by Dr. R. A. Fisher, will cover beginning and intermediate topics in photorefractive materials and topics in their nonlinear optical properties. This course reviews the various types of photorefractors and the mechanisms of the nonlinear optical interactions. Emphasis will be placed upon simple, clear explanations.

Considerable material will be appropriate for those who wish to become familiar with the fundamentals. There will be a strong emphasis on assuring that each participant retains a well-founded visualization of each concept. Discussions will include: Space-charge fields associated with carrier diffusion will be addressed, along with 90 degree phase shifts, two-beam coupling, and four-wave mixing. Phase conjugating configurations will be presented, including external loop, self-pumped, and double phase conjugation configurations. Practical applications will be investigated, including associative memories, interferometry, coherent addition and subtraction, chip-to-chip interconnects, etc.

Each idea is explained in clear and simple terms with an emphasis on underlying physical principles and with a minimum of mathematics. Pertinent references and review material are identified. The course notes contain copies of each vuegraph used during the day so that participants can spend a maximum amount of time listening and understanding.

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Intended Audience
This course is intended for a wide range of scientists, engineers,  managers, and technicians who require a better understanding of photorefractors and their practical applications.

Continuing Education Units (CEU's) available upon request.

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