Consulting Profile of RA Fisher Associates

Dr. Robert A. Fisher provides expert consulting services to solve a wide variety of technical problems based upon his wide range of technical experiences and upon his detailed knowledge of laser-related phenomena.

Contact Dr. Robert A. Fisher for writing detailed reports, or writing proposals, reviewing speculative ideas, interpreting laboratory observations, resolving technical discrepancies, solving complex technical problems, developing sophisticated codes, and for a host of other services.  Consulting client references are available upon request.

Atmospheric Propagation Optical Engagements
Brillouin Scattering Optical Phase Conjugation
Data Analysis Optical Signals
Data Processing Optical Systems
Dye Lasers Optical Weapons
Feasibility Studies Optics
Government Panels Phase Conjugation
Laser Engagements Raman Scattering
Laser Optics Red Team Studies
Laser Sensing Remote Sensing
Laser Technology SDI Study Panels
Laser Sensor Signatures
Mathematical Modeling Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Modern Optics Stimulated Raman Scattering
Nonlinear Optical Phase Conjugation Tactical Laser Issues
Numerical modeling Tunable Lasers
Optical Communication Wavefront Reversal

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