Provider of technical laser consulting, optics consulting, and nonlinear optics
consulting, outstanding on-site courses in lasers, optics, and nonlinear optics,  service
on government technical panels. For the legal community: provides Expert Witness
Services, forensicdata analysis, forensic numerical modeling, and forensic statistics.

Robert A. Fisher, PhD in laser physics, University of California, Berkeley, California.
Providing expert consulting services since 1985. References available upon request.

Technical Consulting in lasers, optics, and nonlinear optics.

Presenter of world-renowned on-site Professional Advancement Courses.

Available to serve on technical Government Panels such as Red/Blue teams.

Expert Witness, Mathematical, statistical, and data analysis Services to the Legal Community.

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Dr. Robert A. Fisher, RA Fisher Associates, 2805 Plaza Verde, Santa Fe NM 87507-6514
(505) 577-3725 (voice, messages, text)